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Friday, April 19, 2013

Shutting down blog + Hack your n97 mini with Dr Web

Shutting down one of my blog, which i didn't moderate it for a very long time ! 

bye, blog.

It's been a long time i didn't used my N97 Mini, until last night. I changed my phone. Really, forgot how fun it is using that phone !

Well, eventhough the blog has been shut down there's one post I would like to share which still working and i'm pretty sure you guys will love to know it ! . Please, enjoy using your N97 mini.


Hack Your N97 Mini With Dr Web

Recently found a new method of hacking my N97 Mini phone. Before this I tried every single methods that I found when google-ing the internet, but none of them works. Lucky to this new method , I be able to hack my phone and be able to install any UNSIGNED apps and games. (Last night install n-gage game , works like charm ! ) . Thanks to CodeRus for the method .

Unfortunely, many of the sites that I google didn't provide a very good step by step. So, I'm trying my best to do some step. Hopefully It will help you in hacking !

( Worked on my N97 Mini V30 RM555 )

Here is the step :

1. Download the tools here . All has been provided in this folder.
2. Here the screenshot of the software that been provided :

3. After download, DO NOT extract the folder but click on the folder and It will open in Winrar. Right Click on the quarantine files , choose extract to the specified folders and choose your memory card.

4. It will be copy to your memory card. Next, install the Dr Web, xplorer ( ignore if you have one ) and the RomPatcher. ( Before my phone was hacked, I managed to install this apps without any problem which mean it has been signed ) . ( If you transfer the quarantine files in your memory card then you should install the Dr Web on memory card or if in mass storage you should install it in mass storage )

5.Next, open the Dr web ( ignore the register thing ) . Go to options > choose Quarantine. You will see 3 files there . Choose select all and restore . To my case . the files is vanished . (The first attempt that I try , the files became 6 instead of 3 where it is doesn't work.)

6.Next , open The RomPatcher . You will see these two things. See the blue arrow ? It shows that the patches haven't been activate yet.

 Next click options > All Patches > Apply 

See the green arrow below? It means the patches has been apply and that's mean CONGRATULATIONS , your phone has been hacked !

Happy downloading apps and games hehe. =D

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