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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Samsung J7 review ( Apps review )

Bought Samsung J7 on december 2015, and just now decide to do a review on Samsung J7 haha.

Taken with samsung J7 camera (with flash)

I was an iphone user (Since 2014) but because ios is restricted for some cause, I decided to buy Samsung phone because of the android platform which most of the apps and games is free. Before? I was using nokia and blackberry.

By the time, samsung J7 was just released like a week. I go thru few shops even samsung center but all the phone was sold out T_T until I found at ACI Technology at Suria Mall sabah. Price? Rm949.00 . Other shop sell Rm 999.00 but with full accessories. Haha.
By the time J series was released, which is J5 and J7. Go thru for the both series which each of it got  it's own speciality but I was prefered for J7. Why ? Here the because :

  1. 1.5GHz Octa Core Processor. ( Perfect for gaming ^-^ )
  2. 13MP AF + 5MP with front flash
Okey okeyy okeyy the only reason is because the octa core processor ahaha. I admit. Gaming is my thing hahaha.

Let see..after I explore.. (this may apply to all samsung series-latest)

Samsung Galaxy Life Privileges 



You can redeem privileges that offered by Samsung. Whether food, discount, etc. Like here, I redeemed #iflix where it is free until this April 2016, valid only for Samsung A and J series.

If you scroll next to the privileges, which is insight, where you can read the articles there.


Samsung Galaxy Apps doesn't really much different with play store. Haha. But You should check it out.

Camera Mode


A lot to explore..try and error with the camera mode ^-^

Gesture Control


I am not sure if you know this but some have this features which called gesture control, which only work for front camera. All you have to do is to change the camera to front camera, open the setting and on the gesture control.

Next, go back to front camera. Using the front camera, open your plam facing the camera until you saw the camera detect the palm of yours (detect symbol will be retangular on your palm) and it will automatically snap your picture !

Voice Command


Tried using the google command for "start camera" and automatically open the camera apps. As far as i know there is no built in for voice command and before third party application was used.

I will update later only these haha. Don't forget to comment if you have things to add on ^-^

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